Brian Davies

I purchased two fountain pens for myself in December. I have collected fountain pens for over 15 years. I not only collect them but I use them. I found these fountain pens to be the best I have bought so far. The weight of the pens are perfect which makes a big difference to when I’m concentrating on perfect penmanship. I also bought a ballpoint pen made out of acrylic for my brother and it also writes very nice. I highly recommend Ritter's Writers. He has a huge selection of pens from ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pens and pencils etc. You can’t go wrong.

Robert Nesbit

I bought a Ritterswriters fountain pen for my mothers birthday made with olive wood I sourced while on holiday in Corfu last summer.  Gareth not only did a fantastic job of bringing the grain and texture of the wood vividly to life but the crafting and writing quality of the pen was second to none.   I also ordered a set of dip pens using the same wood and personalised with my cartoonist name ’Nezzy’ on each barrel.  Again sheer class and something I will use and treasure for my cartoon work in the future.  As a professional cartoonist I use pens constantly and the dip pens are amazing in every respect.  There are quite a few pen makers in the market but what I liked most about Gareth’s pens is that they are made to perfection and designed exactly as I wanted them.  Yes, you can buy massed produced pans but the ones I have tried just don’t cut the mustard.   I have visited the Ritterswriters workshop and watched as Gareth explained the process and made my pen.  It was fascinating to watch a perfectionist and talented crafter in action. I have no hesitation in recommending Ritterswriters if you are looking for a top quality pen.

Leanne Porthouse-Blackledge


Gareth's eye for detail and outstanding craftsmanship is evident in each of his pens. Offering a completely personalised service, you really are getting much more than you pay for. The pen I purchased was a gift for a friend and upon receiving it, I must admit I was very reluctant to part with it. The weighting and barrel size of the product made it easy to grip and a pleasure to use / write with. I have no doubt I will be buying another soon.....and keeping it this time!

Matthew Jenkins

I love my pens, I use my beautiful acrylic pen all day every day at work as I write a lot. It is so comfortable my hand never gets tired, I won’t write with anything else! You really need to own more than one of these hand made “one of a kind” pens!

Carla Windmill - Lewis

Thank you for the awesome pen. Not only is it unique and exquisitely designed, but also very attractive and smooth writing. I love a functional gift. The pen truly does conform to your hand. I write with nothing else.

Yvonne Stone

Gareth not only makes beautiful, functional pens, but they are truly collectors items. You really need to own more than one of these hand made “one of a kind” pens!